Savant demons are a rare type of demon as idicated by their catalog number. Due to their extreme rarity and their ability to blend in, savant demons have no true mythological counterpart and therefore generally go by the terms savant demons, nexus demons, or their Hunter catalog code DH-488. Savant demons have abnormally excellent memories, an immense amount of intelligence and knowledge, and very limited social skills, as they are very prone to isolating themselves from other creatures as much as possible.


In order to more easily hide within human society, savant demons possess normal human bodies--unlike other demon races, they focus more on developing and magically altering the mind rather than physical apperances. However, like all demons, they are able to manipulate their Core magic in order to retain youth and live longer.


Savant demons have very limited physical magic. They have one general physical defensive ability, which allows them to overload the minds of others to the point of unconsciousness (and sometimes even death depending on the experience of the savant demon). To counter their weak physical abilities, savant demons are notorious for their immense intelligence and ability to tap into a genetic based network of gathered information from generations past. Savant demons also have eidetic memories and most possess hyperthymesia; their brains are extremely well developed in areas of cognitive thought and memory storage.


These demons are also sometimes referred to as nexus demons due to an ability known as linking. They are able to link their Core with other savant demons (and sometimes other living creatures regarless of racial difference, depending on the ability of the demon), and in essence download whatever information their counterpart has stored. It is usually safe to link with another savant demon, but extremely dangerous to do so with any other creature, as the said creature's mind may overload or eclipse the mind of the savant.