While the actual Hunter organization functions with support from all types of races, the actual species of Hunters is simply a sub-species of humans. There is only one difference between normal humans and Hunters: unlike normal humans, Hunters possess the same gene mutation that enables them to use active forms magic and thus see Unseen. They act as the neutral force of the Unseen world and go after criminals who would threaten to disrupt the balance between Demons, Fae, and the much more numerous humans.

It is important to note that even if apart of other organizations, all humans born with the active magic mutation are considered Hunters though they may prefer to be called otherwise.


Being mostly human, Hunters are physically indistinguishable to normal humans.


Each country has a different mode of Hunter government. However, an international council of representatives from each of the primary Hunter governments exists to maintain order and communication between all Hunter governments.

Parameter 8Edit

Parameter 8 is an international council consisting of two representatives from all of the main region governments. It is headed by three Executives who are elected every five years by the council. Their main purpose is to maintain a level of consistency and correspondence among different Hunter regions and generally leave the region governments to their own devices.

Region GovernmentsEdit

While the numerous region governments are constantly shifting to address growing populations, the main region governments mentioned in Paradox are listed below. While Hunters are required to follow the laws of the human government in whatever country they currently exist in, the majority of Hunters have strong connections with such organizations as law enforcement to ensure their operatives can complete their missions. Region governments determine laws and regulations involved in handling missions and captured criminals, maintaining Hunter bases, overseeing Hunter law enforcement, and controlling whatever cover company(ies) assosciated with the region government among other varying responsibilities.

United StatesEdit

The United States region Hunter government consists of an overall government that alternates between being centrally located in New York City, New York, and Los Angeles, California. The governing body consists of one Representative from each of the 50 main bases (main Hunter bases are located in each state capital) in a council called Parameter 1 that is overseen by five Executives and an Administrator. Each of the 50 main bases maintains the variable number of bases, prisons, businesses, and other Hunter outposts within their states. Each main base is overseen by one or three directors, depending on the size and population of the state. The region Hunter government in the United States runs under the guise of Thuner, Inc., a company that specializes in technological and pharmaceutical research, and employs both normal humans and Unseen races.


The history of Hunters can be dated precisely back to the Council of Ancients when the Council gathered all humans with active magic and charged them with the responsibility of maintaining peace in the First Veil where humans dominated due to the less strenuous Strand concentration.