Ghosts or specters are Demons that do not possess physical forms but exist in a continuous metaphysical state created by the manipulation of the Song through unusually powerful Core magic once a living creature dies. In short, the Core magic of a creature is so powerful at the time of death, that it causes a permanent imprint that is difficult to erase once it merges with the Song, as all core magic must. Because of this, ghosts imitate or attain attributes of the dead when a death is traumatic or unusual enough to cause for a powerful release of Core magic. Thus, ghosts are technically imprints of once living creatures and are born when living creatures die in certain circumstances. Ghosts have also been known to imitate traumatic or constantly repeated events. This may be due to acquiring certain seriously limited memories from the dead during the imprint process, or it may merely depend on the amount of magic containued by the creature(s) and the type of Song in the area at the time of the imprint. As such, areas of high concentration of easily manipulated Song will typically produce more than one ghost.

Although most ghosts are not considered sentient and show little to no sign of intelligence or free will, some ghosts have been known to combine with other ghosts to create creatures considered sentient. They possess the Hunter catalog code DI-110 and are also sub-labeled by a separate rating scale that rates the type of ghost based on intelligence, called the Kingston Scale.


As some ghosts can manipulate the Song in such a way as to give the visual illusion of having a solid, physical body, it is often difficult for humans to tell the difference between a real ghost and actual illusions or even other demons, such as Mimics. However, Unseen creatures can easily recognize a ghost for what it truly is by looking at its eyes. The eyes of a ghost are empty and white, a curious nod towards the old adage, "The eyes are the windows to the soul"--as ghosts have no soul and are theoried to be imprints of souls, they therefore have no eyes. Others strongly argue that the strange emptiness is merely an unexplainable attribute, as some claim spirits do not possess this same physical curiosity.

Ghosts able to manifest themselves into recognizable human appearances will often take on the appearance of the individual whose death resulted in the imprint, although sometimes ghosts with moderate intelligence but high manifestation abilities will take on the appearance of passed on individuals or sometimes even creatures closest to whatever living being they appear to.


Ghosts are classified as Fae due to being Song based. Most ghosts are limited to using the Song to maintain their metaphysical bodies, while other ghosts can manipulate it to imitate physical bodies such as moving solid objects or leaving scratch marks on flesh or other physical surfaces.

Due to their nature, ghosts can live indefinitely but can eventually be dissolved. The amount of skill and power required to dissolve a ghost depends upon the sentience rating based on the Kingston Scale.

Kingston ScaleEdit

Besides their catalog code, Hunters rate ghosts on the amount of intelligence and magical ability. The Kingston Scale was created by a Hunter researcher named Westley C. Kingston who's main research focus was on ghosts as they are a phenomenon common to both humans and Unseen. The Kingston Scale rates 1 to 5 with 1 being considered the least metaphysically developed and least intelligent, and 5 being being considered the most metaphysically developed and most intelligent. While it was necessary for ghost experts or experienced Hunters to determine the rating manually in the past, which would serve in often inconsistent or incorrect ratings, Hunter researchers recently created a handheld meter, named the Harris Meter after its creator researcher Roy Harris, that measures the type and concentration of Song in a suspected ghost-haunted area. Due to this meter still being in the testing phase, however, many Hunter teams merely rely on experienced Hunters or their assigned researcher to determine the rating. Some Hunters can also detect the level or power of Strands, which often corresponds with the rating. This fluctuation in the Song also often saps any present energy as it rapidly absorbs other parts of the Song, which counts for the reported "cold spots" or electrical equipement malfunctions that some humans experience. The full rating criteria is as follows:

Rating 1Edit

  • No signs of intelligence: participates in repeated activities, apparently oblivious to surroundings.
  • Ability to manifest (appear) in a distinctly visible form.
  • Inability to interact with surroundings or living individuals.
  • Weak Strands.

These ghosts are typically those who appear regularly participating in repeated events. As their weak Strands are focused primarily on appearing in a visible and distinct metaphysical form, there is little ability left to interact with the physical world.

Rating 2Edit

  • Few signs of intelligence: display of awareness of surroundings,
  • Inability to change location.
  • Ability to manifest in a visible indistinct form, i.e. a dark silhouette.
  • Ability to mildly but not physically interact with surroundings or living individuals.
  • "Cold spots" or equipement malfunction.
  • Weak Strands.

These ghosts are those with enough intelligence to deviate from repeated activities and often they appear as dark silhouettes that interact with living individuals to the extent of being able to move about on their own accord in an indistinct form. Due to their weak Strands being divided between intelligence and visibility and the requirement for them to rapidly and temporarily absorb surrounding Strands or energy, they show only part development of intelligence and visibility.

Rating 3Edit

  • Some signs of intelligence: ability to speak limited phrases or words but cannot be heard without aide such as a recording, ability to respond to physical stimuli.
  • Inability to change location.
  • Ability to sometimes visibly manifest with the aide of a visual device, i.e. camera, video, mirrors.
  • Ability to mildly physically interact with surroundings or living individuals, i.e. moving solid objects, answering questions. Cannot be physically visible at the same time.
  • Normal Strands.

These ghosts have slightly stronger strands compared to Rating 1 and Rating 2, which allows them more intelligence and physical interraction but somewhat limited ability to be visible. Some are never physically visible, but their presence is determined through the constant physical interaction of moving objects or strange physical sounds.

Rating 4Edit

  • Some signs of intelligence: ability to speak and be heard immediately without hearing aides, ability to respond to physical stimuli.
  • Inability to change location.
  • Ability to momentarliy manifest without the aide of a visual device.
  • Ability to physically interact with surroundings or living individuals.
  • Normal Strands.

These ghosts are similar to those in Rating 3, but they can become distinctly visible and can be heard to speak without aide of recordings or cameras. They are a step below Rating 5 due to their inability to leave the place they haunt and their more limited intelligence.

Rating 5Edit

  • Constant signs of intelligence: ability to speak and carry on conversations without hearing aides, ability to visibly appear and disappear at will.
  • Ability to change location.
  • Ability to manifest in a visible distinct form.
  • Ability to physically interact with surroundings or living individuals depending on available Strands.
  • Strong Strands.

These spirits can range from being thoroughly dangerous and threatening to being peaceful and helpful creatures. They often tend to possess more of a personality and a wide range of memories due to the fact that Rating 5 ghosts usually occur from the combination of several lower rating ghosts, but this has been proven to not always be the case. Often these types of ghosts are captured by Hunters and used as reconnaissance.