Fae are one of the three Unseen species and act as a balance to Demons.

Nature of MagicEdit

List of Fae Races

Fae magic is primarily concerned with nature. Every living thing possesses magic as, over time, the magic of the Unseen has embedded itself wherever possible. The Fae are thus focused on the understanding and manipulation of the magic known as the Song, which exists as a resonating network within the very fabric of the world. The innate living magic of every creature, whether demon, fae, or human, interacts with the Song to at least some extent. Those Fae most adept at interrupting the Song will often tell of hearing the myriad of voices within it, made up of Core magic that has been released from living creatures upon death, combined together into a single, often harmonious tune--thus the reason for its name.

The abilities the Song provides to the Fae are sometimes similiar to those the Core provides to demons as both races have learned to adapt their particular brand of magic accordingly, leading to many a mistaken idenity.


The races of the fae are governed by the Words of Avo-Cir, which is law that was written during the Council of Ancients along with the demon's Script. All Fae races are united under a single governing body: a Council similar to the Council of the Ancients but made up of representatives from the Fae races. This Council also provides seats for special representatives from Hunters when the need applies. Each individual race also possesses sub-councils or smaller forms of government to cater to the race’s needs, but these individual governing bodies fall under the denomination of the higher Council concerning species-wide decisions.